• Bomb disposal robot is a ring bearer in spare time

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    You know you have a keeper when your bride to be tells you that the ring bearer in your wedding is set to be no other than Dragon Runner, a bomb disposal robot designed to be thrown through windows by marines. What’s even cooler is this young lady was the designer of the robotic arm atop of the unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) which handed out the rings at the wedding. Now, what could possibly top this? How about the song Mr. Roboto by Styx playing in the background? Well, yeah, that is what happened.

    Just in case you don’t check out the Dragon Runner on the Qinetiq site, it is not an autonomous robot. One of Laura’s friends from work was wearing the backpack and using the control panel to control the Dragon Runner. That included the Dragon Runner’s entry onto the dance floor when the wedding party was introduced. It zipped in and did a “Saturday Night Fever” spin and pump.

    Coolest, wedding, ever.

    Via: Gizmodo

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