• Cocorobo, cleans, chats and sends you photos of your dog

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    Cocorobo RX-V100

    The latest breed of robotic vacuum cleaners is here and it sort of puts iRobot’s Roomba to shame. At first glance, the robot built by Sharp looks awfully familiar to its predecessor but on closer inspection it’s able to do a variety of (useful?) tasks.

    The robot is stated to be able to take commands in several languages (Japanese, Chinese and English) and can reply with a fairly limited vocabulary of 36 phases. However Sharp have stated that its ability to talk is more for fun than ordering it about or participating in a lengthy discussion on the up-coming Robopocalypse but some commands such as telling it to “Clean the room” are taken as a command.

    Cocorobot also comes with a built in camera, which seems to be remotely viewable from a smart phone and has the ability to send photos, how it decides and of what is yet to be seen but it might come in useful for finding objects lost underneath the sofa? Alongside photos the robot can send battery information on the cleaning situation back to a phone too.

    Check out the video, it’s in Japanese but it does manage to give you an idea of the robots features… sort of.

    Via: Associated Press

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