• OCTOPUS robot gets funding

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    OCTOPUS concept art.

    Octopuses are pretty creepy, but they’re able to move effortlessly through water, squeeze through tiny gaps, grab objects with their arms and reach unthinkable depths in the ocean so using their design to create robots might hold the key to the future of under water robotics. Well it seems the folks at the European Commission agree and have funded a project aimed at doing just that.

    Many projects have been done to attempt to mimic the tentacle like movement of the arms of an octopus but this project aims to go further, to recreate the entire package, from movement to flexibility and control. It looks like an interesting thing to watch, more photos and information can be found on the projects website.

    The grand challenge of the OCTOPUS IP is investigating and understanding the principles that give rise to the octopus sensory-motor capabilities and incorporating them in new design approaches and ICT and robotics technologies to build an embodied artefact, based broadly on the anatomy of the 8-arm body of an octopus, and with similar performance in water, in terms of dexterity, speed, control, flexibility, and applicability.


    Via: Hack a Day

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