• Hydraulic Quadruped Robot (HyQ) goes for a trot

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    Last week the Italian Institute of Technology’s quadruped robot was taken outside for a walk to allow it to strut its stuff. While it’s currently a sensor and headless beast plans to add a head filled with sensors are under way, not only that they’re also planning on adding arms.

    The robot, similar to Boston Dynamics Big Dog and Alpha Dog still has a long way to go before it’s able to traverse over ice wilderness and take a hefty kick from its owners and remain standing. However it’s already able to reach a top speed of 2m/s and clamber over some reasonably sized and usable objects as demonstrated in the below video.

    Once its sensor rig and arms come around, it’ll be a pretty unique robot, scary, but defiantly opening itself up to some interesting opportunities, even that is just scaring the pants off passing dogs. Plans to untether it are under way by equipping the robot with an on-board hydraulic system from the help of an Italian company.

    Via: IEEE Spectrum

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