• Introducing The Sphero 2B – Now Cylindrical

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    If you hadn’t heard about Sphero, the robotic ball, well, aren’t you just out of the loop. Maybe it’s time to take notice with the newest version, in its new form-factor. And now it’s “Fully Programmable”, time to hack?

    Essentially the Sphero was a new take on remote controlled vehicles by Orbotix, a “robotic” ball capable of omni-directional movement controlled by a smart phone or tablet via bluetooth. Alongside the gyroscope and accelerometer behind the balls movements were it’s ability to glow a huge range of colors thanks to it’s RGBLEDs.

    The latest iteration of “next gen” RC vehicle is heading more towards a conventional design. Using two external wheels to allow for more power, speed and capabilities. Changeable tires and hubcaps allow for not only bigger range of operational terrains but also Pimp My Ride-esq bling options.

    Alongside hardware modification, Sphero 2B is “Totally Programmable” – to what extent the API will allow control of is yet to be seen, but a little differential drive, Bluetooth enabled robot could prove for some fun hacking. Alongside Bluetooth it’s also boasting some “infrared technology” for multiplayer connectivity, another possibility for possible projects.

    Another notable ability is for the robot to reach speeds of 10MPH, or 14 feet a second. However with a roughly 30 meter range of remote control ability, you’ll be chasing after it in about 7.14 seconds trying to get some signal.

    Sphero 2B is expected to drop Fall 2014 with a sub $99 price tag, worth a shot?

    Via: Gizmag

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