• Robo-Drift, BMW Show Off Self-Driving Car

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    BMW are the latest company to demonstrate their self-driving car efforts at CES this year, taking participants for a spin around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway designed to spawn extreme turns and emergency maneuvers.

    BMW take a huge leap into the field of driverless cars, following suit of the likes of Google and all those partaking in the past DARPA Grand Challenges.  Utilising high precision GPS and a myriad of other high resolution sensors likely to be found on most of the competitors.

    While the drifting aspect of the car may seem like it’s just for show, it’s actually designed to test the limits of the car and demonstrate they’re able to handle all road situations and conditions. So don’t expect to reenact the latest Fast and Furious with your mates.

    BMW are in no delusions that self-driving cars are still some few years away and expect a release date sometime nearer 2020, at which time no doubt there will be countless changes to design and abilities of the car.

    Via: The Verge

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