• Rapiro, The Raspberry Pi Kickstarted Robot

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    Rapiro, the successfully funded robotic Kickstarter project showed up at CES this year. Rapiro promises to be a DIY pint-sized robotic platform with “limitless possibilities” – based on the Raspberry Pi computer, but will it deliver?

    After reaching £75,000, £55,000 over the asking price of the £20,000 goal, Rapiro was bound for success. But unlike many other Kickstarter projects, managed to show some fruits of it’s labours only 6 months after the campaign finished. With retail models going on sale sometime in February for a price, in the UK at least, of £229 or $450 if the sign on the desk is to be believed.

    There’s no denying that this little chap is cute, but with a limited run-time of 10-20 minutes, it seems the possibilities are already pretty limited. While it has a reasonably high range of movement for such a little system, the 12 (likely) cheap servos seem to give the movement a clunky feel, further limiting it’s abilities. From a hacking point of view, you may want to hold off until it’s seen as to it’s uses. But for a toy, or younger child’s educational asset for a first step in to programming and the world of robotics – it no doubt shines pretty brightly in an ever expanding sea of options (but that might just be it’s RGBLED eyes).

    Via: The Inquirer

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