• Video – “Student Injured at IIT Techfest 2014 Robowars” – Warning: Graphic Content

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    A student participant was injured during RoboWar, a Robot Wars style competition held by IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) Bombay at TechFest. All this has been captured on film in the above video which shows the student taking the full brunt of part of a robot to the face, causing multiple fractures on his face.

    While this does appear to be an unlucky accident, it could have been avoided with better safety precautions and equipment for what was considered one of the biggest attractions of the event.

    Robowar has been one of the biggest attractions at the Techfest. The lack of safety gear and the open arena erected on a weak wooden base are being blamed for the incident, which involved two robots — Dr Golu and Mojo-jojo — both designed by two teams of Saboo Siddik College.

    A student said,“It was not close to any international level arena. Even smaller colleges in the country provide better venues for such competitions.”

    It will no doubt reverberate a message of safety for future events, not only at IIT but hopefully around the world.

    Saquib, the student hit by the robot shrapnel is believed to be under special care and undergoing tests.

    Saquib’s father, Ahmed Ali Bahadur Shaikh, an employee of Western Railway, has alleged negligence on the part of IIT Bombay. “Not only they were grossly ignorant about the safety measures for such a risky event but they didn’t provide proper treatment to my son. He was discharged and asked to go home after being provided first aid, even though he was bleeding continuously and needed stiches.”

    Saquib was rushed to Jagjivan Ram Hospital in Mumbai Central by his friends. However, he was later shifted to BYL Nair hospital as he needed super-speciality care. Dr Ramesh Bharmal, dean of BYL Nair hospital, said, “He has suffered fractures in his face. We are running a CT scan and other tests and will then take a decision on surgery. He is admitted in our emergency unit. The plastic surgery department is evaluating the extent of injury.”

    We hope for a speedy recovery and that there are no lasting damage caused by the incident.

    Via: DNA India

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