• RoboEarth, The Robot Knowledge Database Is Ready For Demonstration

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    RoboEarth Demonstration

    RoboEarth Demonstration

    The RoboEarth project was designed to be the “world wide web” for robots, with content generated by humans and other robots for robots. A huge database of knowledge for our mechanical companions.

    In late 2009, the RoboEarth project was awarded a 4-year funding grant from the European Commission’s Cognitive Systems and Robotics Initiative in order to develop their networked database platform, Rapyuta, and to develop proof-of-concept systems to demonstrate it’s use. With the 4 years soon coming to an end, the implementation will be demonstrated within the coming Thursday ( January 16, 2014) to a group from the European Commission at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. The demonstration will involve 4 robots in 2 simulated hospital.

    The project was undertaken by a consortium of universities from around Europe; Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), Philips, ETH Zurich (Switzerland), Technical University of Munich (Germany) and the universities of Zaragoza (Spain) and Stuttgart (Germany).

    With the intent that all robotic learning is shared, it allows for essentially a cloud based approach to robotics. Thus reducing the computational power on-board robotic systems that have access to the RoboEarth network.

    With a ROS Stack already working and in development, despite research only just coming to a close, RoboEarth being implemented on your next robot project could be closer than you think.

    You can register for the public demonstration being held at Eindhoven University of Technology, this Thursday (16th January, 2014) over at this form.

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