• The New iRobot Scooba Is Here To Tackle The Dirt So You Don’t Have To

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    iRobots latest commercial house cleaning companion tackles the laborious task of scrubbing your floors, so you don’t have to (as often).

    On display at CES last week, the latest addition to their robotic cleaning lineup, the Scooba 450, taking inspiration from the older Scooba 230 model. Improvements have been made to both the hardware and software, meaning the robot can now clean even better through its 3 cycles cleaning process (compared to the measly two of its predecessor) and able to kill 99.3% of common household bacteria.

    First the robot completes the sweep and soak cycle, vacuuming up dirt and layering a layer of soaking agent. The second cycle is the scrub and squeegee cycle, utilizing its rotating brush to remove dirt, while the vacuum sucks up the resultant dirty water. And finally the robot sucks up any remaining water. Chances are this is a better job than you’d do yourself.

    While on the surface (which hopefully would be pretty clean after one of these little guys had it’s way with it), this seems like a great idea, the Scooba is only designed as a maintenance tool and not a replacement for manual cleaning. Along with the human interaction required to set it going and the hefty price tag of $600, plus an extra $80 for a docking station, it’s still a lot more attractive to just grab a brush and mop once in a while.

    Via: IEEE Spectrum

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