• PIDDYBOT An Open Source Self Balancing Teaching Bot

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    PIDDYBOT (Credit: Idle Hands Project)

    PIDDYBOT (Credit: Idle Hands Project)

    PIDDYBOT is a self balancing, inverted pendulum robot designed to teach the basics of PID control to kids in real-time. The project is based on his previous Tiny Balancing Robot, which was too simple using only an on-off bang-bang approach for the motors, and no PID control to speak of.

    The robot is designed to be small and simple, with enough intricacies to allow for full control of PID. It consists of a custom PCB, 2 geared motors, a dual motor driver board, a 6-degree of freedom IMU, 2 batteries and held together with a 3D printed body. The main control is done via an Arduino Nano making it more accessible. The PID can be controlled by 3 potentiometers, controlling the Proportional, Integral and Derivative values individually to demonstrate the impact on the system.

    The best part about the build is that all stages are development are logged on the site allowing you to recreate the project yourself and tinker with it as you please.

    Via: Hack a Day

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