• RoboRecap 1 – January 19, 2014

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    RoboRecap is a weekly review of the best in robotics news, a quick tl;dr of the past week to catch you up on the highlights.

    RoboEarth, the World Wide Web network of knowledge for robots began the first stages of demonstrations and deployment and sets to be the future of cloud robotics. NASAs JPL unveil their latest creation, the RoboSimian – half machine, other half machine, but with a load of inspiration from apes, hence the name. iRobot were also showing off their latest in commercial home cleaning bots with the Scooba 450; designed to scrub your hard floors clean.

    A huge landmark for Chinese space exploration occurred, with the of the Chinese moon rover Yutu and the lander Chang’e-3 awakening from their first Lunar night on the moon on the 11th. Researchers at Harvard developed flexible fingers capable of not only the fine motion required to pick flowers but the speed and strength required to play the piano.

    Pre-orders also went live this week for the first telepresence robot designed for the home, the Beam+ from Suitable Technologies, allowing working parents to have an awkward dinner with their children and significant others via a robot from half way across the planet. We also got to see the hard work from researchers at Physical Sciences Inc who developed a drone inspired by the stability of moths which is able to withstand winds up to 88km/h (if only that were in mph and it might have just gone back to the future) and maintain enough stability to capture steady video recordings.

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