• Jarvis Project – The HandyCapable Wheelchair Robot That Can

    by  • January 21, 2014 • Projects, Videos

    thomas3120 over at the Arduino forums has posted progress details on his current robot, “Project Jarvis“, a robot built from the base of a wheelchair.

    Currently the robot is able to avoid obstacles with its ultrasonic sensors and some DIY whisker sensors for lower  obstacles such as curbs and anything else too low for the ultrasonics to detect. It can follow a human around that’s wearing a red shirt, through the use of the recently installed Kinect sensor and the OpenNI SDK (and no doubt some simple color tracking code in OpenCV). It’s able to speak a few words and phrases, mostly its current status such as sensor readings and tasks, with more planned for in the future. Implementation of a robotic arm is underway with hopes to have attached to the robot soon.

    Obviously being from the Arduino forums, it’s using an Arduino as its main I/O for sensors and control alongside an ITX PC for more processor intensive computing for the Kinect, voice synthesis etc.

    While it’s some way off its science fiction namesake (the AI found in Marvel’s Iron Man universe), it’s a great build for a hobbyist and has a lot of potential for future developments.