• Robot Operating System (ROS) Support Makes It To MATLAB

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    Finally, MathWorks have implemented ROS support in MATLAB, allowing you to send messages back and forth between MATLAB and any other ROS nodes in a painless manner. Documentation currently seems to be a little sparse, and with all software integrations there’s likely to be some teething issues, but this is exciting news to get the power of MATLAB for robotic algorithms with the ease of ROS for data communications, low and high level hardware integration and huge community support.

    Create ROS nodes in MATLAB and exchange messages with other nodes on the ROS network, including ROS-enabled robots and simulators.

    Verify your MATLAB® algorithms directly in the Robot Operating System (ROS) network. With ROS support from MATLAB, you can interact with robots and simulators that provide a ROS interface. You can also create a self-contained ROS network directly in MATLAB. These features allow you to develop your robotics algorithms in MATLAB, while giving you the ability to exchange messages with other nodes on the ROS network.

    This support extends the rosjava API. It includes a new API for creating ROS nodes inside MATLAB based on the same ROS publisher/subscriber mechanism.

    Currently implemented features:

    • Create ROS nodes, publishers, or subscribers directly from MATLAB
    • Create and send ROS messages from MATLAB
    • Enable publishers to publish MATLAB data to their advertised topics
    • Enable subscribers to execute arbitrary user-defined MATLAB functions
    • Enable launching of ROS masters on the local host from MATLAB

    MATLAB ROS support is currently abailble on 32 and 64-bit Windows, and 64-bit Linux (including Ubuntu), available to the full and student versions.

    For more information check out the MATLAB page, or head straight over to the download page to get going.

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