• BigDog Hits The Big Time, Cast In Sundance Sci-fi Film “Young Ones”

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    Is that Boston Dynamics BigDog in Young Ones? Well, sort of…

    The Young Ones BigDog Like Robot

    The Young Ones BigDog Like Robot

    Recent Sci-Fi trends show more realistic technologies, grounded in reality rather than hoverboards and holographic 3D displays (ok, so that’s not that unrealistic anymore). While we could get into the debate on to whether Sci-Fi is meant to accurately predict the future, or provide inspiration for future generations through unrealistic goals, we’ll just admit that there has indeed been this shift in trends in recent years.

    So with these shifts, there’s no surprise that film directors are interested in using the state-of-the-art technologies for props and plot points. There’s no doubt that real robotic systems have been used before as background props, like robotic arms in a futuristic warehouse, never before has a real robot been such a pivotal role in a film.

    Jake Paltrow, writer-director of the Sundance film “Young Ones”, enlisted the help of one of the most advanced robotic companies Boston Dynamics (recently acquired by Google) to concoct what the future of machines would look like. The result is pretty much on par with their robotic pack mule “BigDog”.

    (Boston Dynamics Big Dog)

    While it’s not actually BigDog in the film, due to robot using a combustion engine for power, making sound recording too difficult for the pay off. To overcome this issue, the robot is recreated through a mixture of the plastic and fiberglass replica torso, with two free runners dressed in grey leotards working as the legs, topped off with some special effects.

    This may sound familiar, that’s because you might have seen the spoof that’s been roaming around the internet for a number of years, as can be seen in the video below.

    (Spoof of Boston Dynamics Big Dog, with two guys in leotards)

    Hopefully it’s going to be much higher production value than the spoof, and from what we’ve seen the film seems compelling (mostly thanks to Boston Dynamics professional opinions on future tech) and it will definitely be interesting to see Paltrow’s take on future robotic systems in a post-apocalyptic world.

    Via: The Verge

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