• Spirit and Opportunity – Ten Years On Mars

    by  • January 25, 2014 • Featured, News, Videos

    NASA Opportunity's 10 Year Anniversary Selfie (Credit: NASA)

    NASA Opportunity’s 10 Year Anniversary Selfie (Credit: NASA)

    10 years ago today Spirit and Opportunity, the NASA Mars rovers landed safely on opposite sides of the surface of the red planet for their expected 9 month lifespan. Which, for at least one lonely robot, turned into a 10 year exploratory mission.

    While communications were cut with Spirit back in mid 2010 after it became trapped by sand at “Troy” and a year of immobility. It’s now lonely partner has been roaming the surface of the planet for 10 years, continuing to find new scientific discoveries, even as recently as a few weeks ago.

    (Skip to ~5:50 for the beginning of the video)

    There is no doubt that these two Mars rovers are one of the most successful scientific experiments of our generation, years ahead of their time and incredible engineering allowing them to operate for such an extended period of time in an unknown, unexplored environment.

    Congratulation to NASA and everyone involved. Please continue the outstanding work and Happy 10th Birthday!