• Is This The Beginning Of A Robot Policed Big Brother State? Meet Your New Officer, The K5.

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    Is this what the first iteration of Hammerstein, the ABC Warrior from Judge Dredd looked like? Or maybe the ED 209 from RoboCop? I’m not sure I want to find out.

    William Li’s vision of the future seems to coincide with a big brother like state, policed by surveillance robots that report on potential crimes. The K5 robot, which gets its namesake from the projects inspiration of K9 units and it’s 5 foot height, is equipped with laser for mapping and localisation, four cameras which provide a 360 degree view of its surrounds that’s able to perform character recognition for scanning license plates and also face recognition. It can travel at 18mph but is usually limited to a cruising speed of 5mph and is of course able to avoid obstacles and people.

    If the K5 detects a suspected crime, it notifies local authorities about the incident which is then investigated. One issue is letting these expensive pieces of kit roam around a neighbourhood, while it has some speed to out run you, there must be a big concern with vandalism of the equipment. Another issue that’s yet to be seen is the robots operational time, and where they can dock to get more juice.

    While it’s an interesting concept, and no doubt would free up police time for more important matters and cut costs of patrols (at least that’s what the USA Today article claims. From 1000 USD for a months worth of 8 hour patrols down to the robots 6.25 USD an hour, but some quick maths would suggest that the hourly cost of a patrol is around 4.20 USD an hour). It’s also a worry vision of the future, as if we weren’t already observed enough.

    Via: USA Today

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