• RoboRecap 2 – January 26, 2014

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    Korea announce finally give an estimated opening delay of RobotLand, set to open in 2016 robot land will include a theme park, convention and science centers.

    At last, MathWorks have implemented ROS integration in MATLAB. Allowing you to utilize ROS std_msgs communication method between any ROS nodes you’re currently running and MATLAB, giving you the advanced mathematical algorithmic power of MATLAB with the simplicity of ROS’s moduler communication framework.

    The US Army announce their plans to reduce human soldiers over the coming 5 years by 120,000 which will be replaced with robotic systems. How much autonomous command they’ll be given and what ethical implications there will be for robot-human warfare is unclear.

    A monumentous landmark in space exploration and robotics has been set by NASA, 10 years ago on Saturday the first two Mars rovers landed on the red planet in search of signs of life, water and whatever else they could get their metallic claws on. While communications with Spirit were cut back in 2010, Opportunity has continued to defy odds by making scientific discoveries as recently as a few weeks ago.

    Boston Dynamics BigDog gets its first role in a feature length film, a sundance sci-fi film called Young Ones. Turns out it isn’t actually the robot, but very heavily imspired by it.

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