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    Modular Dynamis MOSS Robotic Kit (Credit: IEEE Spectrum)

    Modular Dynamis MOSS Robotic Kit (Credit: IEEE Spectrum)

    Following the success of Cubelets, Modular Robotics have created a more complex, but equally simple to use, new range of robotic kit for young inspiring roboticists, called MOSS.

    At it’s essence the MOSS kit follows the Cubelets modular theory on design; create small and simple elements that can create a much more complex, larger overall system. This take on building robotics is nothing new, in fact it’s how most problems in engineering and programming are solved. However it’s often tricky to get kids think of problems in that manner and that’s partly what MOSS hopes to deliver, alongside all the fun.

    That’s what MOSS attempts to address, by giving users different sensors and actuators built in to these cubes, from potentiometers, light and sound sensors to spinning motor and angular rotation modules. There’s also a rechargeable battery module that can be attached to provide power.

    Modular Robotics are planning on releasing a tool kit for reprogramming of the microcontrollers on modules at some point in the future, possibly opening up these little blocks to the hacking community, although how much use they’ll be in comparison to just buying the sensors themselves is yet to be seen. Either way, it’s a fantastic kit for children who show signs of an interest in the area.

    Via: IEEE Spectrum

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