• RoboRecap 3 – February 2, 2014

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    The start of the week showed yet another acquisition for Google in the robotics field, buying DeepMind an Artificial Intelligence firm from London, UK for $400 million. It’s becoming pretty apparent Google have big plans for robotics, but what is yet to be seen.

    While not specifically news and not entirely robotic related, MIT release over 40 free online course material and books for the public. With everything from computer science and electronics to mechanical teaching material, it’s a list definattly worth checking out. You can see a few of our favourites here.

    With the prior weeks success of NASA’s mission on Mars, it’s saddening to see the Chinese lunar rover Yutu experiencing difficulties and isn’t expected to survive the cold harsh two week lunar night.

    A Researcher at Vishwa Robotics has developed mechanical legs for small drones which are light weight enough for them to carry but also allow them to perch on branches and take short walks like their bird inspired counterparts.

    A demonstration of a recent ECHORD funded FP7 project called RIVERWATCH has been released, showing the capabilities of the autonomous surface vehicle and it’s partnered unmanned aerial vehicle providing a further perspective, giving greater perspective of environmental monitoring systems.

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