• This Biped Can Walk On Rough Terrain, Swing On A Swing And Withstand Thrown Objects

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    Primer V5 (Credit: Dr Guero)

    Primer V5 (Credit: Dr Guero)

    It’s not the first time we’ve seen this theory, bipedal robots that can walk on rough terrains and withstand the punishment of objects being thrown at it. But it’s rare that when you see a working version it’s a little hobby robot.

    There’s not too much info about the robot apart from what can be gleamed in “Dr Guero”‘s videos, but more information can be found on Dr Guero’s website. After reading through the broken English Google’s translation tool spits out it seems the human inspired robot is called Primer V5 (version number may be wrong), which is clear that it’s an ongoing project that’s been improving over some time. The aim was to create a robot with a gait similar to a humans, rather than the bent knee pose seen by most.

    Some basic information on the robot can be found at his site too:

    General ]
    380mm: Height-
    1425 g: weight,
    servo: (16 use) KRS-2552HV
    LiPo 11.1V 850mAh:-battery
    -handling methods: radio control (AD band)
    Gyro Sensor: roll axis, pitch axis
    , control board: homebrew (core: SH7125)
    leg ]
    , hip joint pitch axis-knee joint: 65 mm
    -knee-ankle joint pitch axis: 65 mm
    -pitch axis ankle-floor: 45 mm
    performance ]
    -stride (usually walking): (varies depending on the situation) 100 mm
    (varies depending on the situation) 450ms: · gait cycle (one step)

    Via: Reddit (cench)

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