• DARPA Release All Their Open Source Code

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    Today DARPA announced by popular demand, an easy way to access all their shared data and source code from a wealth of projects, in one place.

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, are part of the US Department of Defense who specialise in funding and advancing new technologies for the military, from robots to onion routing to reconstruction of shredded documents and everything in between (as long as it has possible military applications, of course). Because a lot of the search is done through grants to labs and universities it means a lot of the knowledge they’ve generated is open source but usually pretty hard to come across. However with today’s announcement brings a single place where you can find all their shared knowledge – the “DARPA Open Catalog“.

    “Making our open source catalog available increases the number of experts who can help quickly develop relevant software for the government, Our hope is that the computer science community will test and evaluate elements of our software and afterward adopt them as either standalone offerings or as components of their products.”

    — Chris White

    While the current state of the catalog doesn’t include all the knowledge of DARPA, or even all the open-source projects, it does contain 60 projects ranging from large data handling and visualisation to some programming libraries (such as Blaze which aims to replace NumPy with its multi-core rendering capabilities ) to SMILE-WIDE a scalable Bayesian network. There’s a lot to dig through and no doubt some interesting reads (if reading source code is your thing, and if you’re here I hope it is).

    Via: The Verge

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