• Rocket Launching Quadroter

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    Rocket Launching Quadcopter

    Rocket Launching Quadcopter

    Firing rockets over your neighbourhood from a DIY remote igniter mounted atop a quadcopter drone might not be the best plan if you want to stay off some watch-lists or out of trouble with authorities, but it doesn’t stop this guy.

    The folks over at Hack a Day came across a YouTube user by the name of ramicaza, who has a video demonstrating his quadroter firing off missiles (albeit it tiny fireworks with spongy tips, so as not to hurt any innocent bystanders). The quadcopter itself is a pretty nifty setup without the launcher though. It’s got all the usual gubbins for a homemade drone and is able to enter “loiter” mode, which keeps the vehicle steady – or within about a meter or so. Either way it’s a pretty decent video, check it out.

    Via: Hack a Day

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