• Google And Foxconn In Partnership On Robotics

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    Google and Foxconn have reportedly been working in cahoots to carry out the vision of future robotic systems.

    A partnership that’s favorable for both sides, with Foxconn aiming to improve the deployment of robotic systems at its factories and Google’s recent interest in the field, with apparent aims to develop an Android-like robotic operating system for manufacturing robots, thus strengthening their foothold in the world of robotics.

    With the push from both sides focusing on production level robotics, it’s interesting to consider how much manufacturing of electronics will be done by robots over the next few years. While we’re still a fair way off, it’s certainly possible that it’ll soon be cheaper for robot worker than human ones. The reports state that this is where Googles current objectives for their robot teams lie, akin to the self-driving car and Google Glass projects of recent years. How long it’ll take for them to move in to consumer robotics is unknown, but there’s a chance we won’t see anything for a few years. Because, come on, who actually even has a robotic vacuum cleaner, really?

    Another point to consider is that Apple recently started the move away from Foxconn for their latest Mac Pro line, which is being built in the USA, with a large push for automation. This push for automation is the same driving force that led them to the USA, with more skilled works in the sector and higher quality machines. It’s not just Apple, Amazon have also been having success with robotic systems in their warehouses, predominantly in the US. So why has Google bucked this trend and headed over seas? Only time will tell.

    Via: The Wall Street Journal

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