• Remote-Controlled RoboCop Gets Disabled Cops Back In The Field

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    Telebot - The Remote Controlled RoboCop

    Telebot – The Remote Controlled RoboCop

    A team of undergraduate students at Florida International University’s Discovery Lab have built a remote controlled robot which allows disabled cops to get back on the streets.

    The “Telebot” robot is 6 foot tall and and built entirely from scratch, it’s equipped with stereoscopic vision which can be viewed live through the Oculus Rift headset and limbs which can be controlled by wearable sensors. The plan for the robot is to allow disabled police and soldiers to return to street patrols via the bionic man.

    The idea came from Jeremy Robins, a Lieutenant in the US Navy who donated $20,000 of his own money to enable his fellow veterans to get back in the workforce. Through this inspiration and funding the project took off. It’s currently still a prototype, with only a year and a half’s worth of work into it.

    Via: PopSci

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