• China’s Lunar Rover Returns From The Dead

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    Yutu On The Moon

    Yutu On The Moon

    A couple of weeks ago we reported on the malfunction and lost communications with the Chinese Lunar Rover, Yutu, but it seems that announcing the little machine dead was a little premature.

    Because of a malfunction before the robot was meant to enter a state of sleep, reports claimed that the robot was unlikely to make it through the harsh two week period on the dark side of the moon. While it’s not dead, it’s still not functioning correctly and the outlook is uncertain but arguably much better than previously had thought.

    “At first we were worried the rover could not withstand the low temperatures on the moon, because it entered its dormant state while in an abnormal state,” Pei Zhaoyu, spokesman for China’s lunar program, told Xinhua. “But it is alive.”

    We hope that they’re able to recover the project and at least capture some more data and certainly a wealth of knowledge to improve future endeavours.

    Via: The Verge

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