• Google Planning Aerospace And Robotics Projects For Hangar One

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    Moffett_Field_Hangar_1,_1992Google took interest in the iconic 350,000-square-foot hangar and you’re probably curious as to the reasons why? Well, it turns out they’re planning on using it for aerospace and robotic development.

    Hangar One, an iconic Silicon Valley landmark is one of the worlds largest free standing buildings, originally built to house airships, is set to be refurbished and kit out with the latest in aerospace and robotic tech that Google have to offer. The hangar is currently in the hands of NASA who have been maintaining the structure but not putting it to a whole lot of use. It’s a huge space to fill, but certainly with all of Google’s recent acquisitions, it’s going to be put to good use.

    A NASA spokeswoman confirmed on Tuesday that those plans are part of the proposal submitted by a subsidiary of the giant Internet company, along with restoring the outside of the landmark structure known as Hangar One at Moffett Federal Airfield. Based on that proposal, U.S. officials said this week they will negotiate a long-term lease with Google for a significant portion of the former naval base, including three historic hangars, two runways and some adjacent land and buildings.

    Via: Wired

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