• Pi-Bot Aims To Teach Students On The Cheap

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    For $75 the Pi-Bot aims to be a teaching tool for budding roboticists, teaching basic programming knowledge to simple dc motor control and sensor reading.

    Strangely, with the name implying otherwise, the Pi-Bot doesn’t involve a Raspberry Pi and instead focuses on Ardunio development. At this point, you’re probably asking if we really need another ardunio based platform or rather robotic kit, and we’re not sure about the answer to that. While it’s certainly a good deal, for the gubbins you’re getting for the meer $75 (or around £45), you’re bound to make savings from buying the components separately. What you’re not going to be getting is the documentation and ease of use for that price.

    There lies another possible cravat, is being supplied all the necessary parts to make the whole a good thing? By giving new users all the tools and a small amount of knowledge, the Pi-Bot is feeding the ever expanding Ardunio shortcomings. Which is that there are a lot of people capable of following tutorials blindly to build something but very few of those retaining the knowledge to push their projects further afield. Maybe that’s not the point and I’m being cynical, and that science communication and accessibility is important, getting more people interested. But there’s certainly something to be said for learning from your own initiative and finding every detail out yourself.

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