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    Falling for an inanimate object, like a robot, is certainly possible for humans, evident from US Military personal throwing funerals for bomb disposal bots to a Japanese guy trying to marry a video game character back in 2009.

    The idea, which was recently brought into the limelight by Spike Jones’ latest film Her, where a guy falls for his AI personal assistant, is an interesting topic and certainly one that needs to be addressed. While the guy who tried to marry his beloved video game character didn’t get it officially recognised by the courts, it’s certainly real enough for him to try. And with folks falling in “love” with inanimate sex dolls, is falling in “love” with something that can at least give you a response so bad?

    While it seems light a strange concept, and for the most of us, one we can’t quite understand. Consider for example, China, where there are a roughly 122 men born to every 100 women, there’s certain to be a surplus of lonely folk out there. And with the ever developing state of AI, if it’s able to fill a void, who are we to argue otherwise? Although there’s certainly something to be said for online dating, and an increasing chance your date might want a different kind of chips for lunch (sorry).

    “If a conversational AI is compelling and gives the impression of getting to know you, then you are going to form a bond.”
    Alan Winfield at the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK.

    New Scientist look into the idea further, and ask if it’s really love or attachment. And is it exploiting loneliness by developing such a thing? You can read the full article by the via link below, and let us know your take on it all in the comments below.

    Via: New Scientist

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