• Teach Your 3 Year Old To Code With Board Games

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    Robot Turtles is a board game designed to teach young kids (aged 3 to 8) to think logically, in a way that could help them with the basics of programming.

    The concept that started off as a shower-thought for the design, Dan Shapiro a former Google programmer, was developed after trial and error with his own kids when conceiving a way to get them interesting in his work and to learn a really useful skill for their futures.

    The Kickstarter campaign has become the highest funded board-game crowd sourced project on the site to date, making over $630,000, vastly over funded in comparison to the $25,000 asking goal.

    There’s a brief introduction to the rules on the Kickstarter page and aims to allow kids to dive right into it by getting the adults to read the rules and play the roles of the “computer” while the younger folk use cards with different instructions to perform tasks.

    If you’re sad you missed out on the Kickstarter funding, there’s no need to worry, you can also order a copy of the game from the Robot Turtles homepage, where you’ll be able to grab a copy for $25 plus shipping, with aims to deliver pre-orders in June.

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