• The WinBot – The Window Washing Robot

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    The WinBot made an appearance at CES 2014 to demonstrate its latest iteration, "Series 7". With a price tag of $400 it's unlikely to replace the good old squeegee for most, but for those living in a luxurious penthouse with huge windows and an unreliable maid might consider it an investment.

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    Two balls, one robot hand..

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    Researchers at the Chiba University in Japan have been showing off one of their arm-hand systems which they’ve trained to juggle two balls at once, with a single hand. While it only seems to be able to do a limited number of catches, it’s probably more down to its stationary position rather than its skill and it still shows the incredible dexterity of the arm. It’s actually tracking both balls in mid air and judging how to catch them and throw them back, all of this is being done super quick.

    It’s all still early work and much more is to come, hopefully we’ll see something this awesome on an entire robot torso soon and then an entire robot circus.. Well, maybe not that soon. One of the researches described the reasons behind the research:

    “[Juggling] is one example of a skillful and dynamic human-like motion. We believe that there is much to be learned from the analysis of fast and repetitive throwing and catching actions, and the experimental results of this study will shed light on the nature of skillful and dynamic manipulations by humans.”

    The video is pretty impressive, check it out below:

    Via: IEEE Spectrum

    Real life Portal turret isn’t a lie..

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    Armed with a couple of USB turrets and IP webcam and powered by an Arduino and MATLAB, one of those cute little turrets from the video game Portal has come to life. The automated sentry gun was created as a final project for an Advanced Mechatronics class at Penn State University by a robotics student. It uses some of the games sound tracks and is currently only sporting a basic acrylic shell (which we’re promised will get updated at some point).

    While it is a little jerky and probably only tracking pink blobs, it is running in real-time which is always cool to see and hopefully we’ll see some improvements to the overall system soon. Until then check out the video below.

    Via: CNET