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    Nao robots perform “Thriller”

    by  • May 14, 2012 • News • 0 Comments

    Over the past few years, we’ve seen Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” dance performed by prison inmates, at weddings, on football fields and now we have several Nao robots doing a pretty decent job at it.

    Via: Reddit

    Hydraulic Quadruped Robot (HyQ) goes for a trot

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    hyq robot with arms

    Last week the Italian Institute of Technology’s quadruped robot was taken outside for a walk to allow it to strut its stuff. While it’s currently a sensor and headless beast plans to add a head filled with sensors are under way, not only that they’re also planning on adding arms. The robot, similar to...

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    Pipe crawling snake robot

    by  • May 13, 2012 • Featured, News • 0 Comments

    Robotic Snake

    Over at Hack a Day, they pulled up an old project from 2004 by a group undergraduate Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering students from Florida Atlantic University. The robotic snake, designed to inspect pipes and travel through horizontal segments, around corners, and straight up. In order to achieve this they opted for a tri-sprung-wheel...

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    Robot American Football, [insert sports joke]

    by  • May 11, 2012 • News • 0 Comments

    Robotics normal Football (or Soccer, as those across the pond would have us believe) has been going a while, there are competitions everywhere, from the UK to Japan and back again. American Football doesn’t seem to have taken off so much in the robotics world, until now.

    I’m not about to pretend I know what the sport is all about but the video below shows some pretty interesting rigs built by the University of Notre Dame. While it looks like some of the robots are controlled by the students, others are apparently autonomous, like the quarterback, who’s able to pass the ball to another chap at 75% accuracy according to Michael Stanisic, the course leader and the guy who came up with the concept. The robots use ultrasonic triangulation to localise their position and communicate wirelessly.

    Via: Wired

    Free Online Course in Circuits & Electronics run by MIT

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    Screenshot from 2012-05-11 13:37:31

    If you’re interested in getting started with electronics and building circuits or just refreshing your knowledge then you may be interested to knowthat MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are running a free, online course in just that. The course is a prototype on-line experiment based on MIT’s “analog design course: 6.002” which is running...

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    OCTOPUS robot gets funding

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    Octopuses are pretty creepy, but they’re able to move effortlessly through water, squeeze through tiny gaps, grab objects with their arms and reach unthinkable depths in the ocean so using their design to create robots might hold the key to the future of under water robotics. Well it seems the folks at the European Commission agree and have...

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    Realistic, spankable robotic ass

    by  • May 10, 2012 • News • 0 Comments

    If you’ve been in the market for a robotic butt for a bit of light spanking, then you’ll be pleased to hear SHIRI (Translated to english: “buttocks”) is here! This derrière is designed to express “various emotions with organic movement of the artificial muscles”, which I’m they discovered real butts do after a whole load of research but in reality it’s able to move in a similar manor to the human counterpart.

    SHIRI is designed to tense or loosen up depending on the sensory input, from touching to spanking. The inner workings of the system can be seen in the video and it doesn’t look overly complex if you fancy recreating your own. If you’re not that interested and just want to check out a guy spanking a robotic ass, skip in to about 2:25.

    Weirdest boner, ever.

    Via: Kotaku

    Bomb disposal robot is a ring bearer in spare time

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    You know you have a keeper when your bride to be tells you that the ring bearer in your wedding is set to be no other than Dragon Runner, a bomb disposal robot designed to be thrown through windows by marines. What’s even cooler is this young lady was the designer of the robotic arm...

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